January 1, 1970 - January 1, 1970

Phoenix, AZ [Coming in 2019]

  • Age Group / Trip Type Mixed Group, Youth Trip
  • Community Type Large Urban
  • Accessibility 15 Passenger Mini Bus

January 1, 1970 - January 1, 1970

Phoenix, AZ [Coming in 2019]

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To join community leaders and organizations as they fight homelessness, hunger and human trafficking.

About Phoenix

Because much of the population leaves during the summer months, service organizations who take care of the most vulnerable are without the necessary volunteer support to make their ministry happen. You will join local church and community leaders to fill this gap. Your group will come alongside organizations dedicated to fighting hunger, homelessness and human trafficking, serving these organizations in ways that are needed most. In the evenings, your group will participate in a cultural experience of the Phoenix Valley, have a night to explore Phoenix, join a local worship service and help host a community cookout.

Serving in Phoenix

  • Partner with local organizations to meet ongoing needs in the community.
  • During the week, students may serve all or part of the week at a food shelf, clothing distribution center, soup kitchen, children’s program, local garden or elderly care facilities.
  • Because of concern over heat and safety, all volunteer opportunities will be indoors or provided necessary fans / air-conditioned environments to insure the safety of all participants.

Did you know?

According to legend, Phoenix gets its name from pioneer Darrell Duppa, who saw the ruins and prehistoric canals of the Hohokam and believed another civilization would rise from the ashes.

Cost per Participant Includes

  • Pre- and Post-Trip Tools

  • Lodging

  • 14 Meals

  • Attentive Staff

  • Service Project Materials

  • Evening Activities

We teenagers + We communities

Teenagers need to encounter Jesus outside their normal context to deepen their faith and broaden their perspectives. Plus, communities need to be valued—not as mere recipients but as partners who have stories worth sharing in.

When we bring the two together, incredible things happen.

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