Family Trips

Making Faith a Family Endeavor

Service experiences are an important factor in helping kids’ faith stick. And that’s what we want! Children who grow into teenagers and become adults with strong, lasting faith. So we’ve teamed up with the Sticky Faith Initiative to create Family Trips that deepen kids’ faith and strengthen family relationships.

Family trips include…

  • 4-day trips at only $129 per person
  • Flexible schedules and supportive staff
  • Interactive devotionals tailored to families
  • Hands-on service that kids and adults can do side-by-side
  • A meaningful context for families to talk about faith together

Family Trip Options for 2017

Columbus, OH

Madison, WI

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Superior, WI (Duluth Area)

Participants 3 and under are Free and don’t require a registration, however please contact the Service Center to let them know you will bringing a child (children) under age 3.

For more information on family trips, check out these resources:

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