Community Types


Caught between the rush of the city and the slower pace of small towns, these sites are often the business centers of their areas. You can expect a larger city that feels like a small town, or a small town that has urban characteristics. YouthWorks’ ministry in these communities is as diverse as the populations. You may serve through hosting Kids Club, completing basic work projects or partnering with local organizations.


Larger urban settings are portrayed by fast-paced living, cultural and economic diversity, and the presence of smaller communities within a larger context. While sports stadiums and tourist traps are part of the culture, you’ll experience the city in a different way as you partner with hope-bringing organizations anchored in these communities. You may serve at a soup kitchen, organize at a donation center, minister with children or fellowship with the elderly.


These sites are found along the coast, resting on the prairie and nestled among mountains. Close-knit relationships and a less-hurried lifestyle are benchmarks of small town living. In this setting, YouthWorks serves through basic work projects, hosting Kids Club and partnering with existing service organizations, such as nursing homes and food shelves.


Expect wide-open space, a slower pace and a relational people who have both a rich and difficult history. As you serve in these small reservation towns, you’ll meet and minister to children and complete simple work projects in the community. Although close to home, you’ll be the guest of a different culture, so come prepared to listen, love and learn.


You’ll cross borders to serve our neighbors in Canada or Puerto Rico. An international trip allows your youth to learn from another culture and expand their worldview. Come ready to step in alongside service organizations that bring hope to their community.