About Us

Each summer YouthWorks provides life-changing Christ-centered mission trips for over 30,000 students and adult leaders in over 70 communities across North America. Because we want everyone to experience a mission trip, we provide lots of affordable options while maintaining high quality experiences.

Who we are is best defined by some relationships that we deeply value:


From selecting service sites to preparing programming to hiring summer staff – we are a youth ministry that cares deeply for students.


We seek to listen to local ministry partners as we return to the same communities year after year. It is our desire to walk side-by-side with our friends in service, helping support the work God is already doing through them. We realize every community we enter has both struggles and strengths, and we have much to learn from them.


We can’t do the crucial relational work church leaders do every day, but we sure can make that work easier! That’s why we buy food, find housing, plan programming, set up service sites, create countless resources and do much more – so leaders can focus on relationships. We are here to support churches’ ministry.


We spend significant resources finding, hiring and training some of the best young adults around to run our mission sites. Beyond paying our staff for the vital role they play, we seek to develop their leadership skills for future ministry.


In case you couldn’t tell, we create mission trip experiences because we want to point all sorts of people to Jesus. We seek to restore relationships, love others and serve communities because Jesus set that example with us. Our deep desire is for people to understand love and service within the context of Christ.